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  • Adult Basketball 2021 PSA                 Starts 1/6/21
    With careful and thorough consideration, we are happy to announce that we will be starting an Adult Basketball “Open Gym”.  This is only for Adults, no children, or spectators please!!
    Mornings:  HALF COURT PLAY (HS weight room side) – Max of 6 (LEVEL ORANGE)
    Monday – Friday @ 6a – 7:30a
    Saturdays @ 7a – 8:30a
    Evenings: FULL COURT PLAY – Max of 12 (LEVEL ORANGE)
    Mondays and Thursdays @ 7:30p – 9p
    Temperature will be taken and answer all screening questions.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!
    Basketball is a close contact sport, unlike the rest of the facility offerings (even racquetball isn’t as close of a contact sport!).  This is the reason for extra screening precautions. 
    As with the rest of the Community Center required precautions, please:
    • Wear a mask when entering/exiting and moving through the facility to and from your desired locations. But not in active play or exercising. 
    • Keep your distance from others throughout the facility and at all possible times when on court!!
    • STAY HOME if you are not feeling well, experiencing symptoms, recent traveled within the last 14 days (CDC says reduce non-essential activities for at least 10 days or after day 7 after receiving a negative test), have been exposed to a COVID Positive individual, or have yourself tested positive!  This is not worth risking! 
    • Sanitize as often as possible. We have sanitizers throughout the facility, along with masks. 
    Basketball Use:
    Please bring your own basketball if you can.  If not, we will supply some via ball storage room.  Use/Touch only ONE BALL, please!!  Leave used basketball on the floor of ball room so that it can be sanitized and placed back on shelves.  Or wipe down with sanitizing wipes on Bleachers and place back on shelves. 
    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL – please call front desk at 772-3392 or 772-5447,  Stephanie Payne at 772-5445 or email  We know there is a lot of uncertainty and always a question or two – we are here and happy to help!! 

Aquatic Center Schedule Update Revised: 1/4/21

Winter/Spring 2021
January 1 to May 31

Closed Sunday

Aquatic Center hours posted below with added activities updated.
Thank you for being patient and understanding while we continue with our COVID precautions, we look forward to seeing everyone as they come in and enjoy.

             ** To go directly to daily schedule, scroll all the way down **

We will need patrons to Self Sign -In for each visit: We will have “CLEAN” pens for use in one container, and a container for “USED” pens.
There will also be a Symptoms List available for viewing. We are unable to accommodate any Open Gym times in this phase of reopening, so ALL CHILDREN WILL NEED TO BE IMMEDIATELY ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. NO LOITERING OF ANY PERSONS ALLOWED.                                                                       Equipment users only at this time, please.
We have moved things around a bit to accommodate safe use of equipment.
Weight Room is exactly that…weights! There is 1 treadmill tucked into the corner that is available for use, but both portions of this area are focused on weight lifting. Windows can be opened for circulation.
1 hour limit, No more than 2 patrons in old cardio portion, 1 patron in old weight portion.                                                                                                                        Please wipe down equipment before and after use.
Cardio Room is in the Activity Room! Here we have 2 treadmills, row machine, stair stepper, elliptical, and the recumbent bike. The door can be propped open for circulation. 1 hour limit. 3 PATRON MAXIMUM.
              Please wipe down equipment before and after use.
Racquetball Court is with RESERVATION ONLY!
3 hours will be allotted between reservations to allow for air to clear and for cleaning/sanitation purposes.
SINGLES PLAY ONLY! Must bring your own equipment. 1 hour reservations only.
Sauna: is with RESERVATION ONLY Please use self-sign in located in lobby. 2 Patrons at a time from same social bubble. Keep your distance and please shower prior to sauna use and BEFORE entering pool. 
Fitness Court contains circuit machines.
               Please wipe down equipment before and after use.
Spin bikes are located at end of hallway. Additional bikes may be moved to fitness courtroom, please see front desk for help. 3 PATRON MAXIMUM.
               Please wipe down equipment before and after use.
Locker Rooms: Full use of locker rooms available ON GYM SIDE; AQUATIC LOCKERS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
All rooms will be cleaned each night and a sanitation fogger will be used in every room as they are emptied throughout each day.
• Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer placed throughout facility • Keep a 6’distance from others, 10’ distance from others working out • If you have a flexible schedule, please consider attending at a less busy time (Mid day) • Be considerate of others. THANK YOU!!
Contact Stephanie Payne at or front desk at 907-772-3392 with questions

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